Thoughts on Turning Forty

(Written a few years ago at age 39.9)

Speaking from the last week of my youth, I thought I’d share with you a few thoughts I’ve had lately. Thought I’d better get them down before next week when my memory goes! Tee hee hee…

I have been praying about 40 and BEYOND, and I’ve finally reached the point where I’m truly looking forward to this next stage of my life. I’ve learned much over the last few years, and I’m still healthy enough to enjoy it!

I wouldn’t want to be 20 again and go through all those decisions and uncertainties (not to mention the student loans!). I have been richly blessed in many ways, and I’m very thankful.

I am learning how important it is to stop complaining at God – and be very, very thankful for His many blessings to me.

I am much more disciplined in both my thinking and my living than I used to be. I see the value of it now.

I’m not as concerned about how my house looks as I used to be – I’m much more interested in welcoming and deeply enjoying those God brings to my home.

I’m not living my life to seek people’s admiration anymore. I’m not impressing God – why on earth should I seek to impress people? Let me love, serve, and enjoy them instead.

I have learned that each person I meet is like a new continent to be explored and enjoyed. Each one is created in God’s image, and is more precious than any other part of creation.

I know how to be a much better parent than I used to be.

I know how to be a much better wife than I used to be.

I know how to be a much better friend than I used to be.

I know much better that my heart is terribly self-centered and sinful, and I’m starting to really hate that. That means I’m becoming a better Christian than I used to be.

I know much more scripture by heart than I used to, and am learning to use it as a lamp unto my feet.

I am learning to let my faith be my shield.

I have learned to let His Spirit be the sword that fends off my enemies,

And I have learned the wonderful joy of continually repenting and living in His sweet grace.

All these things also mean my life is a much better example to those who are following behind me.

Let me do everything I do for God’s glory, living only to hear Him one day say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Let me age with grace. Let the lines on my face be from smiling…

…while I still have teeth to smile with! : ) -Mary


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