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magazineshopI love homeschooling and am immensely thankful for helpful resources like Home Educating Family Mazagine, along with the many part-school options through co-ops and classes which have sprung up in recent years and allow moms like me (who don’t have a prayer of a chance of teaching high school math) to continue partly home educating through the teen years. I wouldn’t trade the hours and hours my daughters and I have spent reading stories and exploring science together for anything. Here are links to some of my articles (with a few ridiculous stories) on Home Educating Family Magazine’s blog. If you enjoy them, please leave some nice comments!


Mommy, How Would Male and Female Evolve?

I was dashing to the garage recycling bin, arms laden with once-highly-revered artwork now surreptitiously removed to make room for more, and racing back into the house to slap supper on the table before our evening event beckoned us into the car and off to infinity and beyond. My daughter hit me with one of those impossible-to-answer-in-thirty-seconds questions: “Mommy, how would males and females evolve randomly?” she asked…

thumb4Developing Character Through After-Schooling

“My preciousssss!” gurgled my daughter through a mouthful of water while her little sister squealed and giggled. Sitting at our kitchen table after school, we were on our first of two runs of reading through The Hobbit, which followed on the heels of the entire Little House series, Story of the World, Elsie Dinsmore, Stories from Grandma’s Attic, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and countless others…

thumb2The New Proverbs 31 Woman

 An excellent, up-to-date wife who can find?

She don’t live in your house – she sure ain’t in mine!

She rises at midnight, I’m not quite sure how;

For devotions and email, then milking the cow.

She charges her cell while she jogs to her barn,

And formats her hard drive while spinning her yarn…

thumb1Scrubbing Before Scribbling: Submitting Our Talents to God

One of my daughters is quite talented artistically. She has attended classes at our local Artios Conservatory and has published two illustrations and a short story in an anthology of Japanese folktales. My friend Melody’s daughter performs in local Broadway plays…


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