If you’ve been blessed by reading any of my books or articles, please leave a testimonial comment here. My prayer is that readers will come away with a deeper love for God and a stronger desire to serve Him better. Thanks for sharing!

4 responses to “Testimonials

  1. dimpsprice

    Amberly touched my heart in so many ways. I especially identified with the two protagonist’s inner battles to satisfy their commitment to serve God. Life always gives us choices, and how we handle these choices can test us. Mary Hall has written a lovely story that shows a clear testing with a satisfying result. My determination to follow my Lord has been buttressed by her wise words.

  2. Jane Simerman

    Each verse at the beginning of the chapters, as the title, was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing how it played a part or gave a hint to what came next. Amberly is a great adventure with romance, suspense, fun characters (leading lady & awesome hero) and really bad – bad guys. 🙂

  3. Becky

    Amberly is such a fabulous book. Mary wove a tale of intrigue and love with the beauty of God’s grace and love in such a way that I’ll never be the same. The book not only reminded me that God’s grace and love are never-ending, even when we mess up, but also that God gives us the grace and strength to not mess up. Amberly reminded me to always strive to obey God the first time, even when sorely tempted. It also reminded me that when my striving is not enough and I fail the test, God still loves me and can create good where I’ve created bad.

  4. Sue Hobbet

    It was a blessing to me to read Amberly. Mary does such a beautiful job of demonstrating what it looks like to believe in and follow a sovereign God. I found myself rejoicing in her theology as it was woven throughout her story. Her theology reflects my own and she expressed it so beautifully. Knowing and following God was precious and life transforming in the midst of joys and challenges.

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