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Flu Remedy

Flowers 002Here’s a flu remedy combination I’ve come across in several health sources. I haven’t tried this myself (not having had the flu this year, thankfully!), but it seems to be a popular combination:

Astragalus, also known as Chinese milk vetch root, is reported to be highly effective in treating and preventing the flu. Astragalus stimulates the production of interferon, which is particularly helpful in combating flu.

Lecithin is helpful for preventing flu by normalizing the calcium/phosphorus balance in the body. This reduces the type of phosphorus the flu virus requires for replication. One capsule every hour for five hours has been reported to stop the onset of flu.

If you try these, please comment and let me know how well they work! As always, be sure to take sufficient Vitamin C and zinc lozenges (though not at the same time), and get sufficient rest.

The photo, by the way, is not of astragalus, but just some pretty flowers my daughter found on  a tree. 🙂

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