Watching My Heart

April Cassidy at Peaceful Single Girl invited me to guest host today!

Peaceful Single Girl

Watching My Heart

By Mary Elizabeth Hall, Author of Amberly, a thrilling Christian romance

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I don’t know about you, but my heart’s a wild thing!


I’m writing this to piggyback on April’s fabulous Feb 13 post (The Power to Create Attraction – God has truly gifted women with the power to attract men, but like all gifts from God, we’re to use it with care. Society bombards us with messages hyping women who put great effort into attracting men, but the wise woman who seeks to honor God will consider her ways, wanting instead to serve the men around her by dressing and acting modestly. What does modesty mean? It means not trying to draw attention to oneself. When I choose an outfit or decide how to interact with someone, do I seek to please God or men? Do I aim to help or hinder…

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