More Romantic Remembrances!

Our newest Romantic Remembrance comes from Voni Harris, whose fabulous blog can be found here.

Here’s Voni’s Romantic Remembrance:

Rich and I met at Drake University at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. (I had to go to SOME kind of church to stay on God’s good side, and I worked on-campus on Sundays, but. Intervarsity met mid-week.) I remember being astounded that those people really believed that Bible stuff—to the point of actually living it. Rather shook my easy-believism to the core.

One day Sara Weddington, the attorney for Roe in the abortion case Roe v Wade, came to campus to make a speech, and I was assigned to interview her for my TV journalism class. To complete my report, I needed the name of a particular legal case about abortion, so I ran into the law library for help.

And there was Rich behind the desk. Just getting off work.

Abortion is one of his hot-button topics (he’s against it!), so he volunteered to help me. We began talking, and never stopped.

Soon, I realized two things: Our relationship was getting serious, and I couldn’t just say I was a Christian for Rich’s sake.

Those two things meant one simple thing: I needed to decide once and for all what I really, truly believed about Christ. And that is when I gave my life to Christ to do with as He wishes, and I’ve never looked back. He is God and He is trustworthy and good.

Rich and I drove from Des Moines to Wyoming so that he could meet my parents. While we were there, Mom and Dad took us out to eat at a pretty fancy steak place. Rich looked Dad in the eyes, and said, “I’d like your permission to marry your daughter, Sir.”

My Dad looked up, grinned, shrugged and said, “You’ll have to take that up with her.” Then he simply took another bite of his food.

So, Rich asked me to marry him, and I said, “Of course I will!”

On another note, this same father of mine announced, “Yo, Adrienne!” (from the Rocky movies) when the pastor asked, “Who gives this woman to be wed” during the wedding rehearsal.

Our wedding itself was, frankly, kind of empty. Since his family is from Indiana, and mine was from Wyoming, we met in the middle and had the wedding in Des Moines. Unfortunately, we scheduled it during Drake’s fall break, so very few of our friends were in Des Moines at the time. On the other hand, it meant so very much that so many of our family members were able to drive in. Their love meant a lot, because we knew they were sacrificing family vacations to support us.

I hope that our commitment to each other, through arguments, bad times, good times, celebrations, blah times and all, demonstrates the unconditional love that God has for us.

I hope that people see that Christ is the center of our marriage so much that His love cannot be denied because His love overflows to those He has put into our lives. Most especially our daughter, Leah.



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3 responses to “More Romantic Remembrances!

  1. candy

    So sweet to see the story in writing Voni! I don’t think I knew that you became a Christian after you and Rich met! What a great testimony of God’s love!

  2. Maureen

    Loved it, Voni (and the photos).

  3. Elizabeth

    Sooo Awesome!! and Beautiful!!

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